The Embracing Project is an incredibly worthy organization that has been doing remarkable work in Las Vegas. You can learn more about their specific mission and how to make a difference on their site:

Here's how your donations to The Embracing Project can help:


  • $5 - pays for a 24 Hour Bus Pass
  • $15 - pays for a Travel Size Hygiene Kit
  • $30 - pays for a Full Size Hygiene Kit
  • $34 - pays for a 15 Day Bus pass
  • $50 - pays for a Full Set of Clothing
  • $65 - pays for a 30 Day Bus Pass

Monthly rent for is $1200. Any donation will help off-set costs for this incredibly worthy organization. 

The Embracing Project also accepts donations of new clothing and hygiene products, as well as gift cards to any retailers that provide goods their girls can use. 

The Embracing Project played an integral role in informing the makers of The Track about the realities of sex trafficking and exploited minors in Las Vegas. With their organization, the money goes to the girls, providing the goods and services that help them start the next chapter of their lives.