CAREN (40) lost her teenage daughter, Sophie, in a tragic car accident eight months ago.  Overwhelmed with grief, she is unable to move on and spends the majority of her days getting stoned and living in a cloud of memories and a fog of inactivity.  Her role as a mother defined her and now she feels like she has no reason left to live. 

Not even her husband SCOTT (40) can coax Caren out of her depression.  In fact, Caren moved out of their family home several months ago into a crappy apartment on the rough side of town in order to be closer to her pot dealer, JARED (20).  She can’t bring herself to go to work at the local high school where she teaches.  After several warnings, her boss and friend, TOM (50), has no choice but to let her go.  Caren has hit rock bottom.

Trying to help, her younger and occasionally insensitive sister, JULIE (30), donates Sophie’s clothes to the local consignment shop.  Upon learning this, Caren loses it and lashes out at Julie for being the “perfect one.”  She drives to the shop and is able to buy back all of Sophie’s things except for one item - a handmade scarf knit by Caren herself.  From grilling the cashier on the scarf’s whereabouts, Caren learns that a young prostitute bought it and that she walks “the track” down Fremont Street.

That night, Caren drives downtown searching for the girl.  After interrogating a series of street artists and homeless people, she finally locates the prostitute on a street corner propositioning passersby with Sophie’s scarf wrapped around her neck.  Her name is BARBIE (16) and she is street smart and full of attitude but not broken down by life yet unlike DESTINY (20’s), her mentor, a fellow streetwalker with a drug habit who works for the same pimp named Tony.

Initially, Barbie thinks Caren wants sex.  Flabbergasted, Caren explains that she merely wants to buy her scarf and offers her twenty bucks.  Sensing her desperation, Barbie ups the price.  With little room for negotiation, Caren caves.  They go to retrieve the cash from an ATM at a local pizza joint.  But when Caren tries to get personal – Barbie clams up.  

Comforted that she’s recovered all of Sophie’s stuff, Caren goes home and gets stoned.  Trying to sleep, something keeps her awake.  Her motherly instinct is reignited and Caren embarks on a journey to rescue Barbie but in doing so ends up rescuing herself.